Monday, May 30

The bike

For the bike nuts...this is my bike. A Trek 5900 frame with my 10 year old Shimano 600 stuff and Mavic Reflex wheels. Seems like a shame to put fenders and a rear view mirror on such a light bike, but even still it is just a hair over 20 pounds! Not bad considering how old everything other than the frame is. Thanks to Troy at Pro City Cycle in Victoria for putting the bike together for me. (Shameless plug for a friend...check 'em out for friendly service from the guy who keeps the bikes of many of Canada's top cyclists running smooth). Posted by Hello

Me before starting

Self portrait from my deck. Note Victoria's inner harbour in the background. I don't have far west to go to start at the Pacific Ocean!

Is that the face of fear? Of apprehension? Dread of the thought of facing the mountain passes or the flies of northerrn Ontario? Or perhaps just a bit of indigestion caused by improperly cooked potatoes? Posted by Hello